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About Us

EPNAC provides a wide array of photography services for corporate clients. We seamlessly blend the traditional art of photography with the latest technology to deliver world class results to our clients. We strive to meet and exceed every expectation from our clients including the need to publish marketing content to social media on an on-demand basis. Our customized approach to each client starts with efficient and effective communication. From that we compose documentation clearly laying out our role and execute without ambiguity. We employ the best equipment and talent to get the job done right. It is this approach that allows our photographers to work at their best without missing the target defined by each client.

Meet the Team

Jules Clifford, CPP,  Owner, Founder

Jules is an experienced professional with an eye for great shots. He is someone who has a demonstrated ability to capture the essence of events while documenting important moments and notable attendees.There’s a skill to understanding and incorporating the subject matter, theme, context, and complex relationships of an event while delivering the results you require. He has  mastered this ability and his work shows this.

Specializing in association event photography, he has been taking photos professionally more than three years.

Client highlights include: President Obama, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Country Music Superstar Big and Rich, Taylor Hicks, Carl Rove, James Carville, The United States National Archives

Official photographer for multiple associations, including: ASAE, PMPI, PCMA, HIP, Destination DC, National Electronic Contractor's Association (NECA), Air Force Association, Emergence Nurse Association, National Parks and Recreation

In addition to covering high profile clients and leading associations, his work has been published in The Washington Post, several fitness magazines, and the covers of several association trade magazines.

Nam Thai, CTO

Trained as a computer engineer, Nam always had a technical approach to everything in his life until he realized that the potential of an image is impossible to quantify. From that moment on he has been on a never ending mission to define the perfect photo. Nam had been practicing photography for more than 7 years when he decided to take a huge risk and abandon his computer engineering degree to pursue photography full time. Currently he has more than 5 years of professional experience and is constantly improving and honing his craft, always striving for perfection.

He specializes in low light and action photography with a journalistic approach. He is only happy when an image is able to pull the viewer to the place and time of the photo, which makes his style perfectly suited to event photography.

The Epnac Advantage

An Experienced Event Photographer
At Event Photography of North America Corporation (EPNAC), our specialty is photographing events with leading associations, corporations, and high profile clients. There’s a skill to understanding and incorporating the subject matter, theme, context, and complex relationships of an event while delivering the required results. We’ve mastered this ability and our results show it.

Whether your event is an intimate gathering or a party for hundreds, we can capture and produce the best event photographs at competitive rates. Seamlessly blending the traditional art of photography with the latest technology, our clients get world class results.

We regularly serve the Washington DC area and venture out when requested.

We Understand Our Clients’ Photography Needs
Through our years of experience we know the questions that need to be asked to ensure things run smoothly and expectations are met, even surpassed. Efficient and effective communication is crucial; our proposals clearly outline the results needed and our understanding of how to provide them, eliminating ambiguity.

Experience Working with Corporate Clients
At EPNAC we have extensive experience working with corporate clients. We understand the process and can anticipate needs. We've worked with high-level, high-profile clients in the past. Provide some direction and we’ll use our experience to get you the best shots documenting your conference, party or awards night.

Customizable Packages
We understand that each client we work with has different photography requirements. For this reason we offer a variety of packages to fit any budget or coverage needs. We also offer the flexibility of tailoring our packages to meet your specific demands, giving you exactly what you want.

Near Instant Turn Around Time
It’s important to share images publicly to tell the visual story of your event. With social media there’s pressure to have marketing content that can be published quickly. At EPNAC we use state-of-the-art equipment, offer premium printing at competitive prices, provide a quick turnaround, and can deliver processed digital images the same day when possible, allowing your images to hit Facebook and Twitter feeds before attendees have even gotten in their cars to go home.

Equipment and Talent
We leverage the best equipment and talent to meet the specific demands of each event. It is this approach that allows our photographers to work at their best without missing the target defined by each client. Our equipment includes the fastest and most robust Nikon and Canon cameras, that enables us to preserve split second moments, from bright outdoor speeches on the hill, to a toast made in a dimly lit banquet hall. Whatever environment your event is in, we capture it with precision.

If you’re looking for an experienced photographer for an upcoming event, or just want more information about our capabilities and packages, please call us today at 1-866-614-6947 or email us.

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