Meet the team.

Through our many years of experience, we know the questions that need to be asked to ensure things run smoothly and expectations are met – and surpassed. Efficient and effective communication is crucial, and our proposals clearly outline the results needed and our understanding of how to provide them, eliminating all ambiguity.

We leverage the best equipment and talent to meet the specific demands of each event. It is this approach that allows our photographers to work at their best without missing the targets defined by each client. Our equipment includes the fastest and most robust Nikon and Canon cameras, enabling us to capture split-second moments - from bright outdoor speeches on the hill to toasts made in dimly lit banquet halls. Whatever environment your event is in, we capture it with precision.  



The face behind the lens. 


Jules Clifford, CPP
Owner, Founder

Jules is an experienced professional with an eye for great shots. He has a demonstrated ability to capture the essence of events while documenting important moments and notable attendees. He has mastered the skill of understanding and incorporating the subject matter, theme, context, and complex relationships of an event while delivering the results you require.


Ada Ingram
Processing Department Manager and Logistics Coordinator

While serving on active duty in the US Marine Corps, Ada worked tirelessly to deliver results - skills she now applies to her career in photography. Ada graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Photography and in 2015 she joined EPNAC, where she specializes in photo editing, digital asset management, and delivery.


Nam Thai
Lead Photographer and Videographer, Technical Extraordinaire

Trained as a computer engineer, Nam always had a technical approach to everything in his life until he realized that the potential of an image is impossible to quantify. From that moment on he has been on a neverending mission to define the perfect photo. Nam had been practicing photography for more than 7 years when he decided to take a huge risk and abandon his computer engineering degree to pursue photography full time.


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