In 2017 Judy Payne, CMP, Director of Meetings and Travel with GameStop was looking for a new annual conference event photographer. Dissatisfied with the shot portfolio, she received from two previous event photographers, she sought out recommendations from her colleagues on PCMA’s Member Forum. Several of her peers highly suggest she try EPNAC.

After 2 years of partnership, according to Judy, “Not only does EPNAC capture the essence of our conference, they also capture moments at different angles and feels so you can get the photos that best suit your needs. We’ve often looked through the catalog, and they’ve captured surprise moments that we didn’t know would happen. They seem to be everywhere even though they’re never in the way of your attendees.” She adds, “The photography turnaround of EPNAC is incredible. If we need certain shots to be delivered on-site to be available in the next session, they can do it.”

GameStop’s event photography goal is to capture the moments of the annual conference and socialize the photos. They also use them for speaker profiles, executive messaging and other internal and external communications. The following year the photos are used in the show guide to showcase attendee moments – it has a yearbook feel, and their attendees love seeing themselves in print, as well as in the previous year highlights reel.

Much of their collaborative success can be attributed to EPNAC’s standard pre-planning and discovery process. Each year the two huddles before the event and review all the breakouts, speakers and special events to be captured. GameStop also lets the photographers know of surprise guests and VIPs and the best time to find them. Working together as a team they create a shot-list and agenda, and EPNAC makes the magic happen by capturing every moment at the event. GameStop’s success with EPNAC has led to them expanding their services to engaging attendee experiences including green screens, photo booths, and headshots.

Judy believes EPNAC is not just one of GameStop’s vendors; they’re partners. “They’re easy to work with and fit right in with our culture. We consider them an extension of our team. Not only do we love the photos they produce, but we also love spending time with them on-site.”



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